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Python Program: Calculate your Birth Year? | 07.09.2023;

How to calculate your Birth Year, in Python using int data type?

name = input("what is your name? ")

print ("Greeting" + " " + name)

birthyear = input("enter your birth year: ")

age = 2023 - int (birthyear)

print ("Your Age is:")

print (age)

💡 First we are taking the name of the user whose age we want to calculate and display to him/her.

💡 As you seen we have printed the name (variable) with a Greeting message and given an "Empty Space" between Name and Greeting.

💡 To create a Empty Space we use " " (space in the middle of quotes.) in Python.

💡 Next we are taking input from the user (his age.)

💡 Python by default treats every input as a string, so to tell the compiler that the user input is a integer type value (not a string!), we are usin int data type.

ex. Here: int(birthyear)

💡 We are substracting the current year (i.e. 2023) to the value user has given in the input (i.e. birthyear), and the results are being passed to the variable called age.

💡 Finally we are printing a message to the user and in next line we are printing his age.


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